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Kerbal space program 0.17 patch download

Adventure 04.08.2018

Kerbal space program 0.17 patch

22 Sep - 42 min - Uploaded by kurtjmac Welcome back to Kerbal Space Program! In KSP, you're responsible for building, launching. Hi,. I'm happy to announce that we have just officially released the Update for KSP. As you all probably know already, this. This is a small revision patch to address some of the most noticeable bugs were .. walk cycle blending for EVA Kerbals under G levels between and 1G  v - v - v - v

Entries highlighted in blue are planned for the next update. Entries in yellow have been partially implemented. Entries in green are already in development but. Kerbal Space Program Patch Release!!!. Squad just release a new update for the Kerbal Space Program pc game This update brings us new planets, . Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know, we've just released the latest version of our game, Kerbal Space Program. This update adds a.

22 Sep - 19 min Let's Play Kerbal Space Program Update ! Check out my Facebook Page! http://www. Owners of Kerbal Space Program are in for a treat as the newest update brings the game to of Alpha and introduces many new features. KSP released! Hi, guys. We're happy to announce that yesterday we released Revision Update with some bug fixes and two new music tracks for.

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